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The potters lounge is more than a place. It’s a platform, a centre in Ikoyi for young people to hang out weekly as they find a
purpose driven life through the most attractive platforms.
Its open for free every 2nd saturdays of every months from 4-9 PM under a relaxed atmosphere for cross sessions of motivational talks on issues of our time
ranging from career, business, leadership, relationship, emotions, 360 degrees knowledge, skills juggled
with free drinks  & light refreshments  and soothing soulful/hiphop/ positive/Christian music.

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Uncut- Controversial Discussion by Young People at the Lounge

Sexualty. The Dynamics, Consequencies and Scandals.
I’d perhaps start by sharing this real life experience and maybe we can note the points as we move.

Just a couple of months ago, I had this phone call. The phone rang; it was an unknown number with a sweet voice crying deeply on the other side of the phone. I barely could hear the words but I was quick to recognise the voice, it was a friend of mine, the same one we had bought her  Ashebi  for  her forthcoming traditional wedding, but then I was stuck. First, I wondered why she was calling me at the wee hours of the morning and the other was the question I asked,
“Where is your fiancé” and she said
“He’s right here by my side, sleeping”
So to cool the heat in her tears,  I jokingly said,
“Na wa O!” you guys can’t even wait till the marriage to start doing “mummy and daddy”. Anyways , what’s the problem, are you okay and her tears even grew a bit louder with a rush that over powered her voice. She went further explaining how in pain and confused she was,
She gave me the options she was considering taking the next day; It was either run  far till she finds her sanity  or stay there till she’s over powered by the temptation of taking an overdose of volume five medications or slit her wrist, so  I wondered why,
Well to cut the story short
She explained how she wasn’t sure anymore, how she wasn’t sure if that was the man she wanted in her life at least, talk less of to spend the rest of her life with till death did them part. He talked about how clouding her emotion of love and lust was for this fine man without values, she had just realized he didn’t feel that soundly in love anymore. First, she realized he’s been cheating.  “Well, men cheat” she said, “but I can’t stand when he’s making passes on my best friend , and also trying to sleep with her and every other of my friend, like she’s done with one of mine and am just here , resisting the temptations from one of his friends. I think I deserve more”, she said .

Now we’d be looking the issue of sexuality, its dynamics and the issue of self control as well as its relation to life, career and business. And just like we did with this second edition of the Potters outreach, let’s throw this discussion open (for the sake of those who couldn’t make it there live at 25 B Mcdonald Road Ikoyi, by the way, it was the bomb. It holds every interval of two Saturdays. See you every next two Saturdays). feel free to visit our face book page and leave your comments in relation to this issue.

And also, let’s see the dynamics of sexuality, our lack of values and self control and how it has ruined or stained the reputation and life of the greatest personality figures.

The tales of sex scandals are scattered everywhere through time.  
So we’d be looking at Julius Caesar and Cleopatra

Samson and Delilah, David and King Solomon,

And the more recent ones involving John Terry, Tiger wood, and oh, how can we forget that of Bill Clinton and the internship staff , Monica Lewinsky.

Through time, lust and the dynamics of sexuality has moved leaders and brought down governments

The first question will be culled from how they perhaps or most usually was already sleeping together. Now I have a survey that says that people that start having sex quite early in life, end up marrying late.
Research shows that on an average, people start having sex at age 17 but the same school of thought also finds that the more times you sleep with a man or a woman, the less likely you’d get married to the person, considering the saying. Maybe this is relative to the saying “why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free”.

But really, should we say that lust is a natural instinct and emotion just Sex is a fundamental intuition; we don’t need anyone to teach us. At one of the editions at the potters lounge,  we had a discussion on the dynamics of sexuality and in the heat of the arguments, one of us pointed out  without the “Thees and Thous”  insights to the issue of sexuality. Maybe we need the right values and guidance to stay off its ills and consequences.  That’s how, the second edition of the potters lounge started.   Now, before we continue, we urge you to be a part of this.

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Books currently on Review at the Potters Lounge

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Kiyosaki

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Things Fall Apart -A Book By Chinua Achebe

Choose to Make a Difference by Seyi Wright

Developing The Leaders Around You by John maxwell

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