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The potters lounge is more than a place. It’s a platform, a centre in Ikoyi for young people to hang out weekly as they find a
purpose driven life through the most attractive platforms.
Its open for free every 2nd saturdays of every months from 4-9 PM under a relaxed atmosphere for cross sessions of motivational talks on issues of our time
ranging from career, business, leadership, relationship, emotions, 360 degrees knowledge, skills juggled
with free drinks  & light refreshments  and soothing soulful/hiphop/ positive/Christian music.

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 Book Review

Lets celebrate Africa

Things Fall Apart -A Book By Chinua Achebe

His literal prowess and power to create a whole community with characters such as Ikemefuna, Okonkwo and the rest aligned with the Igbo culture is applauding. It’s true that the highest form of intelligence is imagination just like the highest form of vision is our power to dream. Fiction is the best way to see our power of being able to create and Chinua Achebe’s god-like writings is a proof that we were created in God’s image so therefore inheriting the power to also create, if not then how can one man use his pen to create a world we can see as we read his thoughts.  Things fall apart is such a true world of the Igbo heritage (good, bad and ugly) that we can’t touch but can see that world through thought and words though because we keep forgetting that we are not physical but spiritual beings with a vain physical part that God most times doesn’t really have. It’s a masterpiece.  

"Okonkwo! that boys calls you father". That line in this book didn't only make Pete Edochie , it made the smoke that started Nollywood, It made Chinua Achebe and made me cry in the 90's on NTA and years later. I stumbled upon the book without knowing that it  is ranked #14 of the top 100 books of our time by News week and TIME magazine. It depicts the true state of an Igbo man, the pride that he takes to his grave, their strength and weakness.  It explained the deep spiritualism of our culture inherited from the spirits of the east that brings wisdom (ask the three wise men where they came from, the east), the east,  could it be the power behind why the  Igbo’s are perceived as smart. The book explained the ills and deadlocks buried within us and  how we can never have a unified head of government as it’s in the root of every of its community to practise democracy with one godfather and supreme authority even before the advent of the white men lies concealed through Christianity.

Lessons to learn
When we trade our conscience and common sense for mere emotions like pride and anger, when new cultures and religions meet, there is likely to be a struggle for dominance and that’s how things fall apart. That’s the story depicted by Chinua ACHEBE the great.

-Review By Uwaoma Eizu

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