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The potters lounge is more than a place. It’s a platform, a centre in Ikoyi for young people to hang out weekly as they find a
purpose driven life through the most attractive platforms.
Its open for free every 2nd saturdays of every months from 4-9 PM under a relaxed atmosphere for cross sessions of motivational talks on issues of our time
ranging from career, business, leadership, relationship, emotions, 360 degrees knowledge, skills juggled
with free drinks  & light refreshments  and soothing soulful/hiphop/ positive/Christian music.

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 Book Review

Losing my Virginity (Autobiography) : Written by Richard Branson
Book Category : / Entrepreneurship / Leadership /motivation

The book is about Richard Branson, the flamboyant entrepreneur and owner of the virgin brand. From the United Kingdom, he shares some of his business successes, world adventures, and personal background in his bubbly autobiography. "Losing My Virginity: How I've Survived, Had Fun, and Made a Fortune Doing Business My Way" is a very appropriate title as it is exactly what the book is about.

Richard Branson keeps the book fast paced and interesting from start to finish, just like his life. Starting from his beginnings where he was a dyslexic student starting his own student magazine and a music mail order business, through to his ballooning adventures and sprawling global empire. Branson is humble enough to poke fun at himself and talk about his failures while being self confident enough to take on some of the most challenging industries in business.

While many business and finance biographies can become dry and uninteresting, Branson keeps the reader turning the pages like a novel. It's littered with celebrities, near death adventures, and multi-million dollar deals.

The Richard Branson autobiography strikes as very entertaining. It's an exciting glimpse into the life of an entrepreneur, giving the reader an idea of how one man can become so excited about building new businesses. The Virgin founder is a marketing whiz that knows how to get plenty of free publicity. He shares how he mixes his mad passion for hot air ballooning and adventuring with the promotion of his Virgin brand.




I’ve always said that when it comes to TV, there are two types of viewers, people that watch serious channels like CNN, CNBC and bloomberg or people that watch E!. And most time we don’t see the same type of people. But one of the few people you might see on Bloomberg and on E!, is Richard Branson.
Well, It’d perhaps be too uptight to say that the book is about the name, life and times of the brand Richard Branson but further ahead, it’s sort of like the biography of Richard Branson, but with a twist of raw poetry as it has the novel and story feel, except that off course, it is real.

I appreciate the titles play of words, poetry. The name virginity, suggests sexuality. But it’s a bit deeper and relative to our approaches. We all have plans and thoughts in our minds. Flight plans to excel but with an inability to either take off or keep our dreams in flight and successfully into landing. These thoughts are like virgins. To stop procrastinating or waiting for the right time to start up and to get with it, is to disvirgin this thoughts and set success in motion else this thoughts, plans and resolutions will never get a change to soar.

In 2011, Dis-virgin your dreams and get on with it. That is, achieving it, further ahead. It’s time that we lose our virginity in making a difference through lives, career, business, positivity, finding the real us and also the purpose why we are here on earth as we soar into success.

Now, back to the book, as it starts from his birth. Richard Branson comes up as the most unlikely person to succeed in life. He was born dyslexic that is an “olodo” in Nigeria terms, having an inability to comprehend and then he dropped out. This is the definition of what a failure should be. Sincerely, he doesn’t appear as someone that is smart, and this I appreciate in the real truth of how he portrayed himself. He is very adventurous, several times we saw him put his life, family and business on the line just for some silly points. For example he travelled the world in a hot air balloon. This I find ridiculous but very daring. He started off an entire empire , like the virgin and virgin Atlantic company which is currently in the course of being the first to start up a commercial space shuttle operations business in the world. To think that all this idea came from starting a record store. We see a dyslexic person succeed by virtue of two things, Drive and Consistency. This is very relative to the key factors of success.

Review By
Uwaoma Eizu

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